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How to Find a Hobby You'll Stick With

How to Find a Hobby You'll Stick With

Making Practical Considerations

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    Assess your budget. Some hobbies are more expensive than others. Before choosing a hobby, think about your personal budget. What can you reasonably afford?[1]
    • Some hobbies require a lot of equipment. If you want to take up a sport like, say, hockey, you will need protective gear, a stick, ice skates, and so on. This can get expensive fast, but if you have the money and are truly interested it may be worth it.
    • If you're on a budget, look for a hobby that's low cost. Something like knitting, for example, only requires basic supplies like needles, yarn, and some scissors. While you'll have to put some money towards this hobby, you can find many of these supplies for a lower cost online, at a department store, or at a craft store.
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    Think about the time commitment. If you're very busy, you may not want an incredibly time consuming hobby. However, if you have a lot of free time on your hands, a hobby that requires a lot of time may help you stay busy.[2]
    • Things like reading, drawing, or crossword puzzles can be done in small spare moments. You can do these things on your lunch break or after dinner at night. They do not require a lot of time. These may be good if you're already busy.
    • Other hobbies require a great deal of free time. Something like gardening, for example, must be done for a set number of hours each day. If you have a lot of free time to fill, opt for a hobby like this.
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    Weigh in how social you are. Be honest with yourself about your need for socialization. If you're a more social person by nature, you're unlikely to stick with a solo hobby. If you tend to prefer to spend time alone, a hobby you do with others may not interest you.[3]
    • If you need the motivation of others, joining a sports team or a book club can be an excellent hobby as it forces you to interact with others.
    • If you're a more introverted person, something you do alone, like reading, may be a better choice.
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